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Great Customer Service!
Rick C.

As a Director of Customer Experience for a Global company, I naturally appreciate but seldom find “great customer service.” I want you to know that when I dialed your 800 number just now, I just spoke to a “best in class professional” by the name of Steve, who could not have been more helpful.

One of the things I most appreciated at first was that an actual person answered the phone with no delay or extension options to select. So, my first impression was a very good one!

I had several BPS battery life questions and Steve answered each one of them clearly and with a great deal of patience, detail and concern. Not once did I feel rushed or unimportant. He also helped me locate a nearby distributor.

I could go on but the main point in sharing my experience with you is to affirm to management that you have a wonderful colleague in Steve. He represents his company extremely well and if I had to grade my Customer Experience with him (like I ask our customers to grade my company on a scale of 1 to 10) I’d give him a 10!

I am sitting here in just disbelieve that Steven reached out to me on a Sunday in response to my technical support email request and explained the product and what I needed and how to use it.

I will never forget this act of kindness and will do what I can to promote your product to all the sleep apnea sufferers I know!

Customer Service Kindness
Jeff H.
Diligent & Outstanding Service
Rick C.

Circling back. Thank you so much again for your diligent attention and outstanding customer service to ensure we were set to go on our remote sailing trip.

We had two batteries with us and the solar panel. All in all, everything worked great. Thank you again!

HEY out there. Just got off the phone with Steven.

Well, every once in a while I luck out and come across someone on the phone who understands that the point of customer service is SERVICE!

From hand holding to troubleshooting, Steven is ON THE JOB. And for someone who is as tech phobic as I am, that’s saying a VERY big compliment.

What a great guy – patient, thoughtful, proactive. I’m very grateful for his help.

Patient, Thoughtful & Proactive
David G.
Thoughtful & Thorough
Chris W.

I would like to thank Steven for his thoughtful and thorough assistance during my “plea phone call” yesterday.

I control my sleep apnea at home with a ResMed Air 10 series CPAP unit. With plans to travel to many of our national parks I have purchased two Freedom CPAP Battery Kits to use while travelling across our country… yes a wonderfilled way to enjoy retirement after a fun teaching career!

With two charged batteries Freedom CPAP Battery units I was having difficulty getting the run time I expected. Rather frustrated and disappointed with these units I called the “info” telephone support line and was connected to Steven.

I would like your entire team to know how helpful, knowledgeable and patient he was while assisting me… YES, patient… as I ran from my couch with cellphone in hand to my bedroom as Steven kindly agreed to walk me through essential adjustments to my ResMed CPAP unit so that I could greatly improve the battery usage with the Freedom battery units.

Yes, BRAVO to the improvements – they worked like a charm! Thank you for your helpful assistance!

Outstanding Customer Service
Mary F.

Thank you so much again for your diligent attention and outstanding customer service to ensure we were set to go on our remote sailing trip. We had two batteries with us and the solar panel…  all in all, everything worked great. We are so appreciative. Thank you again, especially to Julian!

I just got off the phone with Steven.

Well, every once in a while I luck out and come across someone on the phone who understands that the point of customer service is SERVICE!

From hand holding to troubleshooting, Steven is ON THE JOB. For someone who is as tech phobic as I am that’s a VERY big compliment.

What a great guy – patient, thoughtful and proactive. I am grateful for his help.

Grateful for Help
David B.
Good Product & Quality Technical Support
Larry B.

You want a good product, right? You also want quality customer support, correct?

I’ve had a battery from BPS since 2012 (and still going strong!), and whenever I’ve needed help, whether through user error or customer confusion, BPS customer service has been astoundingly good.

They have been responsive, supportive, and creative. I have never felt rushed or demeaned, and I always feel like I’m the most important person to them. My ion battery will eventually have to be replaced, and there is nothing that will have me buy from anyone else.

BPS, you have a customer for life, and there is no better marketing strategy than to make your customer so satisfied that they’ll never look anywhere else, and will recommend you to all comers. Thanks!

You are a very classy operation. Thank you for digging up a wall cord for my older CPAP battery and for shipping it rush delivery to me. Your help is sincerely appreciated.

Classy Operation
Phil A.
New CPAP Patient Who Loves the Great Outdoors
Carl P.

I recently was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and require the use of a CPAP machine. I spend a lot of my summers camping at remote locations for extended periods of time where electricity is unavailable. I did some research on the Internet and discovered your batteries as a possible solution to my need for a power alternative when I have no access to electricity.

I e-mailed and spoke on the phone with your customer service representative and ultimately purchased a couple of your batteries and am now attempting to add a solar panel to my kit to re-charge the battery. First of all the batteries work extremely well and I am totally please with their performance. Still trying to work out some kinks with the solar panel but those issues are in no way the result of your product.

I also want to express my appreciation for the exceptional service I have received from your customer service representative, Steve. When I was researching out a solution to my needs for a small but highly effective battery I called your company and was fortunate enough to get Steve to answer my many questions.

I later e-mailed him asking additional information and he answered each of my questions and provided me with the information I needed. Since then he has worked with me to find a solution to recharge those batteries in the field and has gone out of his way to help.

It is rare that I get this kind of service or support from any company on any product. Steve is knowledgeable and is definitely customer service orientated. He represents your company and products well. I have had no problems whatsoever with the batteries but if I did, after dealing with Steve; I feel I am working with a company that stands behind their product.

So thank you for providing a great product that definitely meets my needs and expectations and special thanks for having customer service people like Steve to provide the professional assistance customers like myself appreciate.

The batteries packs really saved me, as I was without electricity (camping in a trailer) for two weeks with little access to shore power and the battery in the trailer is not sufficient for more than a few days.

We have a solar panel that gives us plenty of juice during the day… but we need some power at night!!

Your batteries (including the cable that allows the use/charging of both batteries at once) are a nice solution.

Camping Success
Al P.
Product Troubleshooting
Gary & Shiela C.

We would like to thank Steve for doing a commendable job walking us through our problem with our RedMed APAP device. He was very knowledgeable about the product and helped us gain a solution.

Steve is the type of service representative that everyone wishes for when one has to call a company about their product. Thank you Steve!

The battery pack worked great on my trip. I got three nights of usage — as advertised. Kudos!

As Advertised
Rich W.
Trip of a Lifetime

Thanks to the kindness, support, patience and assistance of Battery Power Solutions, DSR, and a little planning, I was able to undertake the trip of a lifetime – a 7 day whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Now you are probably asking yourself just how I managed to power my CPAP with no access to an electrical outlet or a 200 mile extension cord. Great question. The Battery Power Solutions and DSR people were able to hook me up with 3 lightweight, portable batteries that comfortably powered my CPAP for 6 nights, with some power left over. Slept like I was in my own bed.

I have come to believe that that there are no limits to what we can accomplish if we have the basic desire to make something happen. Electrical outlets and extension cords are no longer barriers to an active life. Who knows what I will try next. So, be bold – don’t put those dreams on hold.

The new battery setup seems to work for what my needs are. Thanks for all of your help and making this happen.

Thanks for Your Help
Glenn H.