150W Sine Wave Power Inverter

Keep the Freedom V² CPAP Battery charged up and ready to go while enjoying adventures on the road or during power outages when AC power is lost.

The 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter safely and efficiently charges the Freedom V² battery via the 12V auxiliary power outlet/cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.

  • Plug the AC power supply into the battery DC IN port.
  • Plug the AC power supply into the Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • Plug the Sine Wave Power Inverter into the power outlet of the vehicle.
  • Turn power on to the vehicle to begin charging the battery.
    • see FAQ tab for additional information
  • Freedom V² Battery Charge Time = 3-4 hours (0% to 100%)

The 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter can be used to charge other devices via a 12V auxiliary power outlet or in conjunction with other types of external batteries. *This is a modified not pure sine wave power inverter.

  • Efficiently converts DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) to charge a variety of portable electronic devices and external batteries including the Freedom V2 CPAP Battery via a 12V DC auxiliary power outlet.
    • Provides 150 Watts continuous DC to AC power and 200 Watts peak (maximum) power.
  • Lightweight, compact size and 31.5” cord length makes it easier to position electronics and batteries for charging especially when charging in a vehicle.
  • Unique Soft Start Technology (SST) gradually and safely ramps up the output voltage to start difficult motorized loads and protects sensitive appliance circuits.
  • The three-pronged plug and two USB input ports allow for easy connection to a variety of other external batteries and small electronic devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and more.
  • Turbo cooling fan prevents thermal runaway and extends the life of the inverter by keeping components cool.
Input: 12V DC
Output: 110-120 AC
Output Rated Power: 150W (200W maximum)
USB Output Voltage: 5V DC | 1A, 2.1A
Inverter Box Dimensions: 3.5″ x 2.25″ x 1″ (L x W x H)
Inverter Cord Length: 31.5″
Weight: 6.2 oz
Battery Power Solutions 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • Freedom V² Mobile Power Receptacle
  • Instruction Sheet

Note: To use the 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter with the Freedom V² CPAP Battery for purposes other than to the charge the battery, the Mobile Power Receptacle is required to connect the inverter to the battery DC OUT port.

Does the vehicle need to be on during the charging process?

The vehicle does not necessarily need to be running during the charging process to ensure the Freedom V² battery receives the proper voltage to fully charge to 100%.


Whether the vehicle will need to be running will depend on the auxiliary power mode specifications/requirements of the vehicle. We cannot tell you based on your vehicle type if the vehicle will need to be running – you will need to test this on your own.


When charging any device using your vehicle battery it is always best practice to have the vehicle running to prevent the chance of the draining the vehicle battery.

Can I use the Sine Wave Power Inverter to charge other devices in my vehicle?

Yes! The 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter is not proprietary to the Freedom V² CPAP Battery or any Battery Power Solutions products.


You can use the inverter to charge other external batteries and electronics devices like cell phones, tablets and more using a 12V auxiliary power outlet.

Can I use the Sine Wave Power Inverter to connect other devices to the Freedom V² battery?

Yes! You will need the Mobile Power Receptacle to connect the 150W Sine Wave Power Inverter to the Freedom V² battery. Once connected the inverter can be used with the Freedom V²  battery to…


  • Connect certain CPAP machines to the battery that do not have a specific Battery Power Solutions DC output cable available.


  • Connect other portable electronic devices like tablets and laptops to the battery using the device AC power supply.

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