Auto Charge DC Cable

Keep the Freedom V² CPAP Battery charged up and ready to go while enjoying adventures on the road or during power outages when AC power is lost.

The Auto Charge DC Cable safely and efficiently charges the Freedom V² battery via the 12V auxiliary power outlet/cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.

  • Plug the Auto Charge DC Cable into the battery DC IN port.
  • Plug the Auto Charge DC Cable into the power outlet of the vehicle.
  • Turn the vehicle on to begin charging the battery.
    • see FAQ tab for additional information


  • Freedom V² Battery Charge Time = 3-4 hours (0% to 100%)
Input/Output: 12V
Length: 51.5″ (connector to connector)
Weight: 3 oz
Freedom V² Charge Time: 3-4 hours (0% to 100%)
Battery Power Solutions Auto Charge DC Cable
  • Auto Charge DC Cable
    • with “W” tip connected
  • Instruction Sheet

Does the Auto Charge DC Cable for the original Freedom CPAP Battery work with the Freedom V² battery?

The cable itself is the same but the tip that connects the cable to the DC IN port of the battery is different. The original Freedom battery DC IN port uses the smaller “N” connector tip whereas the Freedom V² battery requires a larger “W” connector tip.


If you have the older style Auto Charge DC Cable (DC.CABLE) you can use it with the Freedom V² battery by replacing the the “N” connector tip with the “W” connector tip.


A “W” connector tip was included with the original Freedom CPAP Battery Kits. You can also contact us at or 877-445-5228 to inquire if replacement “W” tips are still available.

Does the vehicle have to be running during the charging process?

The vehicle may need to be running (not just in auxiliary power mode) during the charging process to ensure the battery receives the proper voltage to fully charge to 100%.


This depends on the age of the vehicle and the vehicle battery as well as the auxiliary power mode specifications/requirements. We cannot tell you based on your vehicle type if the vehicle will need to be running – you will need to test this on your own.


When charging any device using your vehicle battery it is always best practice to have the vehicle running to prevent the chance of the draining the vehicle battery.


I have another brand of auto charging cable that fits the battery - can I use it?

We do not recommend the use of any other brand of “universal” auto charge cable with the Freedom V² or the discontinued Freedom or C-100 battery models as it may damage the internal circuitry of battery.

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