Travelling with CPAP Equipment

Travelling with your CPAP equipment can be an inconvenience but CPAPhero's line of travel accessories make it easier and more comfortable than ever to travel with your sleep therapy equipment!

CPAP Equipment Luggage Tag

The CPAPhero Medical Equipment Luggage tag makes it easy for airport personnel to identify your CPAP equipment and supplies during security checks.

Space on the back of the tag lets you customize it with your name, address, email, and phone number.

CPAPhero CPAP Equipment Luggage Tag
CPAPhero CPAP Cleaning Wipes

CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes

These convenient wipes are perfect for cleaning your CPAP mask on days when you don't have time to thoroughly wash and dry your equipment. These alcohol-free wipes can also be used to clean the your CPAP machine, humidifier water chamber or CPAP tubing.

Available in a bottle of 110 wipes or individually wrapped single wipe travel packs.

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CPAP Hose Holder Clips

These simple yet effective hose holder clips help prevent your CPAP hose from pulling on your CPAP mask or CPAP machine. Clip to pillows, sheets, bed shirts and more to keep the hose from dragging, tangling and kinking.

Velcro band it easy to adjust to fit all CPAP/BiPAP tubing even when a CPAP Hose Cover is used.

CPAPhero Hose Holder Clips
CPAPhero The Hero CPAP Pillow

The Hero CPAP Pillow

The Hero CPAP Pillow is made of soft yet supportive memory foam and the specially designed contours accommodate your CPAP mask and hose to reduce pressure points on the mask that can cause air leaks.

Large and small contours to fit both full face and nasal masks.

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CPAP Balm is a moisturizing, non-greasy lotion that provides long lasting protection from skin irritation, drying and cracking that is often caused by CPAP mask and headgear strap friction.

Available in a 1.4 fl oz tube.

CPAPhero CPAP Balm

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